• RUDI works with various local and international partners.

  • RUDI CEO in a planning session with staffs and other partners

  • Visiting Farming Communities in the Rural Areas

  • Aiding farmers with the better farming skills

  • Paying regular visits, supervisions and follow up

  • Health rice paddies

  • Study Tour

  • Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Healthy paddies

  • Sample Farm

  • Better Farming, Better Yields

  • Lumuli Farmers Association

  • Class Session

  • Training Farmers

  • Video Training

  • Training and Discussions

  • Training and Discussions

  • Entertainment

  • Group Photo

  • Grain Storage

SRI Demo Plots, Mkasu-Kilombero

Who We Are

Rural Urban Development Initiatives is a private sector development organization based in Dar es Salaam which operate in all regions of Tanzania and one of the local NGOs, which is dealing with empowering micro-small enterprises (MSE) and farming communities through improved market linkage and distribution channel for their products.

Awards and Recognitions

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